lostkeep chronicles, vol ii • alchemy


‘unwholied toledo’

toledo, spain | post-goya pensiveness pointed my path to a poly-tongued pueblo on a hill… where the Devil and god mary’ed the pairs of opposites into something horrifically beautiful… alchemy!


entry i • the devil to lead, oh!

so, i’m standing at toledo - the meating point where three tongues licked, learned, and lashed together. all the sudden from the dust, Devil showed up grinning, ‘there’s un-wholly toledo, son! watch lead turn to gold, the sun’ll light the night and the moon’ll dim the day.  i’ve seen enemies get married, there, too! aw, don’t just look so confused at my words, son.  grind your teeth at them!’ His incoherent blathering and the putrefying breath it rode in on dissolved the legs and vision on which i’d been standing. i fell in a heap…


entry ii • ink comes in handy

… coming to and spending time inside toledo, i started getting it and getting myself together. i could see toledo’s attempt at a coincidence of opposites. so hard was this coincidence, that it mastered my mind. only my hand could abate this frustration… by putting pen to page.


entry iii • a graphite release

after a vigorous back and forth, again and again i came to this conclusion - an allusion - to toledo’s efforts to leave god for god. and, the padre’s un-holy see, i could see, wouldn’t like what i’d seen. he’d tried to cut it off then, he’d try to cut it off, now. so, i beat it back to madrid.


entry iv • opposites’ incendents

in my cell in madrid i ground out the painting. then the Devil was back with a rhyme… this time, ‘i see your brain’s birth on the page, you’ve pushed out a sage! look at it, done! the moon’s joined the sun.’

details • a horny old devil once told me you can always find him here…

post-mortem • details…

… He buries himself in these.