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king arthur and shrooms.

it’s been a while... again.  for the past year and a half, i’ve been gainfully employed as a production artist at a social game studio here, in seattle.  i recently left that position in order to return to freelance and personal illustration.  towards the end of my employment i took a short trip to wales - a haunting, hilly country replete with open spaces, fog, and castles.  and, the further north from cardiff one goes, the more one hears welsh still being spoken.

(wales is also the land of king arthur and shrooms - probably not coincidental)

as for what’s happening art-wise in the future… we’ll see.  i have a few different topics i’m developing and am kicking around the idea of a re-vamped patreon in order to more sustainably create content without cautionary gatekeepers.  in the meantime, here’s some pics from wales and some helmets and skulls.

talk soon.