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Losing weight and losing sleep… but, Melankolia is done.

“Melancholia was described as a distinct disease with particular mental and physical symptoms in the 5th and 4th centuries BC.  Hippocrates, in his Aphorisms, characterized all “fears and despondencies, if they last a long time” as being symptomatic of melancholia.  When a patient could not be cured of the disease it was thought that the melancholia was a result of demonic possession.” – Wikipedia

fuck yeah, \m/

Melankolia, 12” x 9” (30.5cm x 13.7cm), digital, 2016



The purveyor of denial, Railroad-Head Rex

"Bound to purvey the loathsome Edict of Denial | The Fear and Shame induced, to it’s face brought a smile"

On June 3rd, at 10.00AM Eastern Time (GMT -5.oo), my piece "Railroad-Head Rex" will go up for sale on  Thanks to illustrator & art director Marc Scheff for bringing me on board with EDO.  There's lots of great art from some great talent, there, of which I'm happy to be a part.

"Behold!  At what guilt hath created, may beholders gasp and ponder."