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new stuff in store

i’ve been pretty busy uploading some new stuff into my store.  that includes the original drawing i did for my version of pete mohrbacher’s zaqiel that he commissioned from me for his angelarium project.  see my previous blog post for links to details, process stuffs, and links to get a hold of a print of zaqiel!

most of the new art is on sale with shipping to the u.s. included (lies, lies, lies | tukroun•konman | j.kobb • the ascender, and more).  i’ve got a pretty big move coming up and would like sell the art rather than transport it.

i’ll speak more about the move in the future.  i’m pretty excited and am hoping that it opens up some interesting opportunities for making engaging images.

stay tuned!



The purveyor of denial, Railroad-Head Rex

"Bound to purvey the loathsome Edict of Denial | The Fear and Shame induced, to it’s face brought a smile"

On June 3rd, at 10.00AM Eastern Time (GMT -5.oo), my piece "Railroad-Head Rex" will go up for sale on  Thanks to illustrator & art director Marc Scheff for bringing me on board with EDO.  There's lots of great art from some great talent, there, of which I'm happy to be a part.

"Behold!  At what guilt hath created, may beholders gasp and ponder."