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just wanted to post a couple of images i created for a couple of cool metal bands a few months ago.

great guys to work with. their music is pretty rad, too. see links to their work below each pic.

also coming up, more news about that big move…

bhaira’s facebook page -  link

bhaira’s facebook page - link

eye cluster’s facebook page -  link

eye cluster’s facebook page - link




Losing weight and losing sleep… but, Melankolia is done.

“Melancholia was described as a distinct disease with particular mental and physical symptoms in the 5th and 4th centuries BC.  Hippocrates, in his Aphorisms, characterized all “fears and despondencies, if they last a long time” as being symptomatic of melancholia.  When a patient could not be cured of the disease it was thought that the melancholia was a result of demonic possession.” – Wikipedia

fuck yeah, \m/

Melankolia, 12” x 9” (30.5cm x 13.7cm), digital, 2016



Blood. Sweat. & More Blood.

2015 was loaded with freelance commercial work.  I had no time to really dig into my personal stuff.  2016 started off on the right foot... stump.

I finally got this one done.  It’s called Vox and was originally created as part of my friend Paul Richards’ Substrata project.  The image has been sitting around for about two years in various forms of b&w/color stages and I finally hit a tone, mood, and scheme I was happy with.  If you want to see more progress shots and WIPs of the image, check out the Behance page I made for this sucker - here.

Vox, 12.00” x 12.00” (30.5cm x 30.5cm) Digital, Matthew G. Lewis (2016)