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angelarium ii • zaqiel, the cleansing fire

in late 2017, pete mohrbacher commissioned me for an alternate take on his zaqiel angel from his angelarium project.  it was a bit humbling to be asked to participate in pete’s project because of its wide reach, his excellent artwork, and his thorough execution of the entire angelarium endeavor.  his approach to such a vision also lays down a foundation for other’s to see how to architect there own personal, independent artistic lives.  to top it off, it’s inspiring to see how he brings in other artists to share in his successful passion project.

zaqiel is one of the largest digital pieces i’ve created and i’m happy with how it turned out.  pete’s source material provided a rich starting point and putting a nuanced spin on his original idea was a fun challenge.

you can check out pete’s original image and pick up a print of my version via the angelarium website (here).  my original drawing which i scanned and then digitally painted is available via my store (here).

lastly, i’ve got several process shots and details of the project in several different places - twitter o1, o2instagram • behance