it’s done… after months of working on this one, it’s finally done.  why did it take months?  mostly, i was wrapping up the first (and trial run) patreon round of content with the goya stuff (here).  then, i had to do a bunch of admin work to secure another year in spain.  i was working on the toledo image the entire time, but, the first version i’d started in january just wasn’t cutting it.  all the pressures outside of the patreon project were making the patreon image less that what i wanted it to be.

so, i didn’t really get a clear head to start working on the toledo image until the beginning of march… after i’d decided to scrap all the work from the first attempt.  but, unwholied toledo is now complete.  i like it and i hope you like it, too.

here’s a process video for the new image.

and, here’s images of the original version’s drawing vs the new version’s drawing.


super-lastly, i’m taking another break from madrid… and, from spain, this time… headed back to green and blue norway for an escape from the arid landscape of madrid.  the last time i was in norway, i was in oslo during the nobel peace prize award ceremony (across the street from the building i snapped, below) across the street in a building serving free norwegian stacked cake (kransekake… worth a google).

Image 4-7-19 at 11.38.jpg

more to come, bye for now