peace bruh, it’s just alchemy…

peace bruh, it’s just alchemy…

now that the goya project is done.  it’s time to move on to toledo.

today, toledo is a world unesco heritage site about an hour’s train ride outside of madrid.  the moors controlled it, then the visigoths, then the catholic church… i think.  i’m still working out memorizing the timeline.  but, toledo has changed hands several times.

for a long time, it was a major center for translation work.  translation work that the catholic church was not to keen on… eventually.  arabs, jews, and christians lived in toledo and did that translation work on much of the world’s prized literature - translating it into what would become castellano… or, spain-style spanish.  much of this work included weird literature-stuff about alchemy.  alchemy is weird because it’s about as esoteric as yoga literature is esoteric - veiled phrases, obscure references to myth, legend, and fictional facts.  but, it’s mostly about the same things as yoga… the marriage of opposites.  hierarchical structures don’t like this kind of crazy talk. so, to this, the poppa wanted to put a stoppa (paris condemnations of the 13th century).

this patreon round is about that - the subversive translation work on alchemical literature in toledo, spain. up above is some drawing progress.