I've got this piece from last year that I started and didn't finish.  I've recently picked it back up and am making an effort to get it done.  It's pretty daunting because it's fairly larger than how I normally work.  Normally, I work on a piece of paper that is roughly 5.5" • 8".  Teeny details fill up most of that space.  It takes a while, but, I love it.  This one, is 9" • 12"!  And, it's still got all the teeeeeeny details!  I'm pretty stoked about how it could/will turn out.  I'm also really eager to get it scanned in and start coloring it digitally.  One of my goals is to work huge... like, wall-sized huge at the same detail-level I use, now.  This is one step towards that goal.

Jakkobus - WIP.jpg